Sneaker Customizing



There is a lot of Possibilities to turn your Sneakers into a unique Piece of Art.

The following can be implemented by me.


Painting/Dyeing Sneakers


When properly prepared, pretty much every material can be painted or dyed - From high-contrast Colorblocking to filigrane Patterns everything is possible.


Sewing Sneakers

Exchanging certain Pieces and professionally re-constructing them onto the Shoe leads to precious Results - not only do I have access to many high-quality Materials, I can also use most of your own Materials.


Stitching Sneakers

Depending on their Upper Material a lot of modern Sneakers can be stitched upon.

 „Bespoke“ Sneakers

If you want to build up your very own Sneaker from Scratch, go for a "Bespoke" - Sewn from chosen materials, based on the existing Sewing Pattern.